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  Optimization of Solar Absorption Cooling System Considering Hourly Analysis
Z. Hajabdollahi, M. Sedghi Dehnavi and H. Hajabdollahi
( Received: January 14, 2017 – Accepted: December 20, 2017 )

Abstract    Thermal modelling and optimal design of a solar absorption cooling system are presented, and hourly analysis is performed over the period of a year. Three design parameters are considered, then the Real Parameter Genetic Algorithm (RPGA) is applied to obtain the minimum total annual cost. The optimization results show that the solar cooling optimum configuration needs 1630 square meter collectors, a storage tank with a 15000L capacity as well as an absorption chiller with 300kW capacity. The hourly analysis shows that the space temperature fluctuates on average every 62 minutes during June and decreases to 51 minutes in September. In addition, the optimum number of collectors increases 26.67% given a 50% increment in electricity price while it decreases 20% given a 50% decrement in electricity price. Finally a sensitivity analysis on RPGA parameters is performed and results are reported.


Keywords    Solar absorption cooling system; Hourly analysis; Total annual cost; Real Parameter Genetic Algorithm; Decision variables


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